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Saturday, 30 June 2012

A forgotten place


At this moment I am sat in my hotel room in Florence. We have decided to come for just over a week to this old but amazing full of art city to learn Italian, this means 8 hours class everyday. Its going to be hard but fun!
Here is a little look I wore during the week, a simple basic skirt and top with an oversized knitted poncho style jumper. They are really light and fresh so they are perfect for summer.

En estos momentos estoy sentada en un hotel en el centro de Florencia. Hemos decidido venir una semana a esta antigua pero preciosa ciudad llena de arte para aprender italiano; esto significa 8 horas de clases todos los días. Va ha ser difícil pero sin duda divertido!
Aquí tenéis un pequeño outfit que consiste de una falda y camiseta básica con un especie jersey oversized de punto. Son bastante ligueros y frescos, así ideales para el verano!

Photobucket Photobucket

Jumper Blanco SALE!
Skirt H&M
Belt Vintage

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Summer with Very.co.uk

a very nice summer

Holiday Checklist

Nothing beats a summer holiday. Wild weeks full of fun, sun, sand and the occasional romance – what’s not to love? You may inspire jealously when you return home with a tan, but the key to looking good whilst you’re on holiday is all in the preparation. This summer, look your best with this ultimate holiday checklist.

Pick the right swimsuit

The key to picking the right swimsuit is knowing which body shape you are. Different swimwear styles suit different figures, so have a think about whether you’re athletic, curvy, apple-shaped or long and lean. Whatever your shape, this season be sure to full of fun, so opt for bright and bold colors, fun prints and plenty of frills.


Golden goddess

A beautiful golden tan can compensate for a multitude of sins – particularly if you weren’t as active through the winter as you should have been. But while tans are a glamorous addition to any summer look, golden skin isn’t worth risking your health for. Steer well clear of dangerous solariums, and opt instead for the easiest tan of all – the one that comes out of a bottle. The trick to fake tanning is all in the application process, so be sure to get rid of any dead skin by exfoliating thoroughly before you apply. Make sure you select a brand that offers different shade strengths. This way, you can gradually build up to the right shade after a few applications.


Best foot forward 

For many of us, summer holidays traditionally mean chucking on your favorite pair of flip-flops. If that’s the case, your shoe closet might need a bit of a makeover. This season, why not opt for a shoe that’s glamorous, without compromising on comfort? Wedge sandals are a feminine and flattering choice of footwear, comfortable enough to throw on for a trip to the beach. Keep an eye out for super cute styles, with added bows or animal prints. If you’re planning a night out, slingback styles are a perfect balance between a high heel and a casual summer look.


Ultimate accessories

Having the right accessories makes summer holidays a more stylish affair – not to mention a lot more comfortable:

  • Sunglasses are perfect for protecting your eyes against the glare, as well as adding a chic finish to any poolside outfit.
  • Summer scarves are perfect as headbands for when the beach hair look gets a little messy.
  • Sun tan lotion is a must have purchase. Make sure the summer tan doesn’t turn into unflattering sunburn.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Statement Necklaces

Sometimes, on warm summer days we just fancy pulling out our wardrobe a basic tee and some shorts, sound boring but adding an amazing statement necklace can make that outfit go from boring to super-stylish.
A veces, en esos días calurosos de verano solo nos apetece ponernos una camiseta básica y unos shorts, suena aburrido pero si añades un collar llamativo, transformas ese outfit soso en un look 10.
le-21eme-arrondissement-miroslava-duma-soho-mercedes-benz-new-york-fashion-week-new-york-city-street-style-fashion-blog-3 STATEMENT-NECKLACE-LEE-OLIVEIRA-COBALT-BLUE-TOP-STREET-STYLE-PARIS-FASHION-WEEK-RED-SMALL-BEEDED-BIB-THICK-CAT-EYE-SUNGLASSES-PATENT-CLUCTHC-GREY-GRAY-SKIRTnecklace-statement-1n3cklaceee

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rita Ora

Some of you might have heard about Rita Ora, maybe because the similarity to Rihanna, her music, being taken on by Jay-Z or her style.
She has captured me with her music and unique style so I wanted to share with you this new artist.

Quizas algunos ya conoceis a Rita Ora, quizas por su similtud a Rihanna, por su musica, por ser la “nueva” de Jay-Z o simplemente por su estilo.
A mi me ha capturado por su musica y su estilo unico, asi que queria compartir con vosotros esta nueva artista.


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Experiencia Comodynes

Os acordáis del magnífico evento que nos prepararon Comodynes en los laboratorios Dermofarm en Barcelona?
Pues aquí tenéis un video para que podáis sentir un poco más como fue esa experiencia.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Outfit- Neon “shirt-print” pants


Summer is almost here, although the heat arrived about a month ago but the evening do cool down so at the moment a jacket is essential. I'm trying to get hold of a couple of “shirt-print” stuff like these shorts that I am going to wear all summer. Must you ask????

El verano está a punto de llegar, aunque el calor ya llego hace casi un mes pero aun así las tardes se refrescan bastante, por lo tanto una chaqueta es esencial. Estoy intentando recoger algunas cositas con el estampado de pañuelo, como estos shorts los cuales sé que voy a llevar bastante este verano.No creo que haga falta que preguntáis porque.

 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Shorts Primark
Shirt/Camisa H&M
Jacket/Chaqueta Stradivarius
Necklace/Collar H&M



Friday, 1 June 2012

Rock tee’s


Rock/music tees are perfect to match with a simple pair of shorts, gives anyone the rock chic look! But here are some more ideas!
Una camiseta rockera es perfecta para llevar con unos simples shorts, consigue dar ese look de rock-chic a cualquiera. Pero aquí tenéis mas ideas!

Sources Google.com, lookbook.nu, Vogue.com & Refinery29.